To show impressive effects in your photos

To show impressive effects in your photos

It is true that most professional image editors include a huge number of filters and effects to alter the appearance of our photographs, so it has not been easy to select the tools to show you here, where I intend to surprise you and demonstrate the power of some web applications in the world of photographic editing, here I leave you with these five options:

Transform photos into paintings. After importing the victim photo and choosing the effects and characteristics of the brush, you can paint freehand creating the defined strokes in each brushstroke. In this way there are infinite possibilities for each photograph, with results that can be surprising.

To create images with HDR effect. It is an application that requests three photos, necessary to obtain a good result, with different exposures to light. The technique used is much more similar to the real one, where several photos taken with different amounts of light are also needed to obtain the desired effect, different from what CreateHDR does, for example, which generates a simulated HDR.

Cifrity is an option that allows us to make a wide variety of effects on our photos. From the well-known Obama effect to another that paints our skin green in the Hulk style, Citrify was born with a clear objective: not to complicate life for anyone.

Rollip is a website that allows us to give a polaroid effect to our photographs. Unlike other similar services, Rollip gives us the possibility to select the effect we want to give the result, there are now 40 different options.

tiltshiftmaker allows us, after loading the image, to configure the focus parameters to create a miniature effect, giving the impression of showing a model instead of a real image.