Today, in the Facebook gazette ...

Today, in the Facebook gazette …

A new issue of La Gaceta de Facebook arrived, with news for those who use this social network both in their personal and professional lives. The first thing they tell us is more ways to distribute organic stories on Facebook, with the launch of three new types of sponsored stories to multiply the distribution of stories that are generated about our brand on Facebook. You can see the information related to sponsored stories at, where they comment, among other things, on how the product works:

– A user clicks the Like button on your Facebook page. – This action generates a story in the news section that their friends may see. – Sponsored stories increase the visibility of this story for their friends by highlighting it on the right column of Facebook pages.

To understand it better, they offer three manuals, in pdf: Guide to sponsored stories for premium and contracted online ads The 7 types of sponsored stories How to create sponsored stories in 5 easy steps Also, in the same gazette, they discuss the new page tagging function.

From now on, Facebook users will be able to tag pages in their photos, just as they currently tag their friends. By tagging pages in photos, users will share stories with their friends that reflect the businesses, brands, or celebrities they interact with in the real world.

As well as improvements in the monitoring of our advertising campaigns with a series of changes in the ad manager. Among the changes are the addition of five new metrics and the improvement of the performance charts. Finally, they remind us of some important guides, such as The Best Marketing Practices Guide. If you are interested in this news, remember to check the www page frequently. / marketing