Tonall - social network about musical instruments

Tonall – social network about musical instruments

Tonall is a community of users focused on musical instruments, where they will find news, articles, interviews, tutorials, and much more, and where they will have a discussion forum where they can comment and share interesting information with the rest of the users within each one of the categories created. As of today, the forum has hardly had any use. But within Tonall, and perhaps the most important thing in this community, is in the user profiles, where they can share those musical instruments they have to their credit and those they want to obtain, not only being able to search for instruments to be able to make evaluations and reviews of them, but also to create new tabs for those musical instruments that are not yet available within Tonall. For instrument searches there are different filter paths for a better search. As for the social circle, here too the concept of friend disappears and there are followers and following, something that apparently is being implemented on many social platforms. To this day, there is still not a significant mass of users with whom to interact due, above all, to the novelty of the service and to the fact that it is focused on users related to music in particular.