Tools in Spanish to create an Intranet or Extranet

Tools in Spanish to create an Intranet or Extranet

Finding intranet and extranet tools in Spanish for companies is really difficult, that is why we have assumed the position and we have started to work to describe ten applications that will help companies to improve their services either by creating emails, invoices, among other utilities We start this short compilation with:


With Aprex we can find agendas, calendars, client registration, tools to make online presentations, email-marketing tools, blogs Clients registered by a user / company can enter the system to see the progress of the contracted projects, which facilitates communication by creating a quality extranet.


On the other hand, we find Nozbe, a portal where we can organize ourselves by managing the time dedicated to each task, in this way we will improve our productivity, so at the end of the month we can notice the difference.


Inined is a project which contains a set of tools based on Intranet systems for schools, colleges, universities and different educational centers that exist in Ibero-America. With it we can create four types of accounts: administrator, student, teacher and father / mother / tutor, each having a different profile with access to different types of data.


In fourth place we find Groobix, an excellent tool for SMEs and freelancers that allows us to easily manage the tasks assigned to each worker, in this way we can manage the entire company much better and produce more in less time.

Google Apps

Many of you already know Google Apps, since it is one of the best tools to create emails, calendars and intranet applications for companies, in fact it is already used by more than three million companies around the world.


And we follow the list with Producteev, an application in which we can create tasks, assign them, set deadlines, schedule alerts, label and create reports is only 2 clicks away. All this personally or if we wish as a team.


We know that at WWWhatsnew we are dedicated to the world of web applications in the cloud, but in these cases Sironta should be highlighted. A free application, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, that allows us to create workgroups to share files, communicate in real time and read documents in a synchronized way. Therefore, we can say that he is a great friend for companies.

Remember The Milk

A well-known tool in which we can manage tasks, receive reminders on our mobile or email, geolocate tasks, work in groups to improve productivity and quickly finish the task, use the mobile phone to manage tasks, among other features.

Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps was introduced in 2010 by Microsoft as the online version of Microsoft Office, so any company can use the services to create Word, Excel, One Note, Powerpoint, among other things and also share it with their contacts in these cases. workers if we look at it from the business side.

Open Atrium

And finally, a free intranet based on Drupal available in Spanish with which we can create blog, wiki, calendars, task list, microblog all this with a panel to manage everything in the easiest way possible. In short, ten applications in Spanish for creating internet and extranet, as well as improving personal and business productivity. If you have any application in Spanish of this type, we invite you to expand the list in the comments.