Lo que aparece hoy al entrar en topsy.com

Topsy closes, the great social media search engine bought by Apple

We have talked about topsy on many occasions during the last years, an excellent search engine that could be used, among other things, to see the tweets that a specific url generated. In fact we only had to put topsy.com/ in front of any url to verify which tweets spoke of that link, with the possibility of separating the ones written by the most influential accounts.

This fantastic platform, used by millions of social media professionals around the world, was purchased by Apple for $ 200 million two years ago. No one understood the reason, in fact Apple has done little in the world of social networks since then.

Today Topsy closes its doors, and announces it on Twitter, on his first twitter since Apple took over the project. Now when we go to topsy.com, we see the iPhone search help page.

What appears today when you enter topsy.com

A year ago, premium users of the service could not renew the account, a sign that the model would change radically, and now there is not a single explanation related to the end of the project.

On the reason for the purchase, we agree with the opinion expressed today in TC: the data has surely been used to improve the iPhone's internal search system, but, once again, much transparency is lacking, and very little respect is shown for a platform so loved by all professionals in the sector.