Tor Project – Become anonymous on the Internet

The project Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that improves people’s privacy when they browse the Internet. Based on this network, a set of applications have been created that allow information to be shared without compromising privacy. Tor can be used to prevent websites from tracking our ips and our site navigation. Also to connect to news sites, instant messaging services or the like when these are blocked by local Internet providers. Tor services allow users to publish websites and other services without revealing the location of the site. It also hides socially sensitive communication: chat rooms and forums, etc. It is used not only by normal users but also by journalists, by NGOs to allow their workers to connect to their websites while they are in a foreign country, without notifying all close people who are working with that organization, a branch of the Navy. The US uses Tor to gather intelligence, police use Tor to visit suspicious websites without leaving government IP addresses in their web logs. The variety of applications on this network is very large. The goal of Tor in the future is to increase the number of users who use the service and improve its usability more and more, so they ask that everyone get involved in the project as they see fit.