Trabber presents flight offer alerts via Whatsapp

Trabber presents us with a new function of its flight search engine, in this case related to the world of instant messaging.

The goal is to receive alerts of personalized offers within Whatsapp. We can create as many as we want, without paying anything, and thus receive a message every time an offer is detected in your system. The indicated offer can be shared with other people or saved in our Trabber account.

The steps are simple: we have to add the number 644 25 24 25 in our WhatsApp and send messages such as Madrid London, Madrid London for less than 500 euros or Madrid London from August 1 to August 30, to give three examples (there are more in the upper screenshot). Once this is done, we will receive offers that respond to the indicated messages, being able to unsubscribe at any time by sending the low word to the same contact.

It is not the first time that we see the use of WhatsApp in the world of flights, a few months ago we told you about a Brazilian initiative that sent flight data to customers' WhatsApp. In the offer category it makes even more sense, since they are usually available for a short time, so the instant messenger adapts perfectly (it does not reach spam, it reads quickly and the messages received are not usually ignored).

Update: Whatsapp has blocked the trabber alert system, so they have decided to launch it for Telegram.