Trackbuster, to avoid being tracked by those who want to know if we open their messages or not

If we want to take the privacy of communications a little further, and protect ourselves against possible follow-up attempts by opening email messages, we can use Trackbuster, a completely free and ad-free service that verifies the messages that enter our mailboxes and delete those tracking techniques in those messages that have them, so that the senders who have included them will no longer know if we have opened the messages that they have sent us or not. Likewise, these messages will be labeled to indicate that the techniques incorporated in them have been eliminated.

Trackbuster works with both Gmail and Google Apps accounts. All we have to do is link our accounts to your service. Currently, when wanting to register for their service, we will be indicated by a message that they have recently opened it and that the existing demand has come to exceed their expectations. That is, they agree to offer us access to the service as soon as possible, that we will be notified by email.

In this way, if we are concerned about whether we are followed up on the messages that we open, Trackbuster is one of the solutions to consider. Trackbuster is expected to launch in the future a payment option with extra features.