texto a audio

Transform any text into audio immediately and for free

If you have a text pending to read and you prefer to listen to it to be able to do another task at the same time, pay attention to the resource that I comment on today.

Is about Speak Reader, a website in which we only have to paste the desired text and choose the language and the narrator, as well as the reading speed.

Without registration, it uses the existing technology from Google and Microsoft to read the words, generating an interesting result, although it lacks some naturalness.

The effect is similar to the one that would have to put the text in Google translator and press the speaker, although in this case we can do it faster by being able to access a speed selector, something that is not possible in Google.

In this video you have a demonstration of the process:

It is even possible to import PDF files or electronic books in pdf, epub, doc, docx and txt, 100% free, with open source, although it is important to note that for wavenet voices we will need to generate an API key from our Google account. .

We can also use it on mobile, installing an application called URL Forwarder. Then we will configure it as shown in the image on your website.

When it comes to privacy, they indicate that the text is not being sent anywhere, and the site does not use cookies or analytics to track anything.