Travelguau – A social network of establishments and travelers with dogs

If you tennis dog surely you have encountered many times with the problem of Where do we leave Toby while we're in that hotel, a problem with an obvious solution: we carry it with us.

The problem is that there are not many establishments that accept dogs, and those that do accept do not make the conditions very clear, so it is possible that, once there, they tell us that the animal cannot leave the room, for example .

With the aim of solving these problems, we are presented with, a website with establishments (hotels, bars, rural houses, etc.) that accept dogs, and that do so in a special way.

Those responsible for the platform verify that the conditions of we accept pets are excellent, and offer discounts to all those who book using their portal. Travelers can make a file of both them and their dog, as well as establishments, and in case our pet wins the Carn TravelGuau educated dog diploma, it generates more discounts in the following reservations and access to places in the that, otherwise, you will not be able to enter.

Travelers and establishments can vote for each other to level up the network, helping future visitors and locals.

They already have lists of recommended destinations on their website, so if you are still preparing to leave in August, take a look.