trekker x4

TREKKER-X4, we tested the off-road mobile with action camera and new video editing app

Crosscall is a well-known brand among action fans. His mobiles (and now his tablet) are extremely resistant, they can be submerged for 1 hour at 2 meters depth, or unlimited if we just want to snorkel. He falls 1.5 meters high on concrete, and does not suffer a scratch, we have even hit him with a hammer on the screen, and nothing …

In our Instagram account we have started to do various tests, such as watching a YouTube video underwater, for example. During the next few days we will continue showing videos torturing the mobile in question.

Its characteristics can be read at, and can be summarized in:

– Resistance to hits. Reinforced glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and rear, resistant to scratches and impacts. Fiberglass reinforced plastic, inner magnesium sheet metal, aluminum side bars and reinforced corners. It has passed most of the MIL-STD military standard tests. Impermeability. IP68 certified, withstands both in salty sea and in a chlorinated pool, it is capable of withstanding a 1 hour immersion at 2 meters depth. Action camera with wide angle lens up to 170 and slow motion recording up to 120 frames / second. The video is up to 4K at 30 fps, and it has optional stabilization (anti-shake) (so it does not stabilize videos when we want it to move). Battery 4400mAh, compatible with QC 3.0 optimized charging and a shielded USB-C cable. 32 hours of autonomy with 4G and 11 hours of use with GPS. Crosscall mobiles have a 3-year battery warranty, which helps you sleep more peacefully in that regard. – 12MP camera. The resolution is not tremendous, but the quality of the colors is quite good.‚Äď 5.5-inch Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels)

Without special cover

And when it comes to software:

– New application X-CAM, so that the camera has everything it needs to capture the best moments. The X-CAM application will be used only to capture photos and videos, with full screen display and specific functions to the external buttons to make recording underwater more versatile, thus being able to switch between different recording modes without having to press the button. screen.‚Äď New application X-Story to create stories by recording, editing and sharing our videos (it is even possible to add royalty-free music to recorded videos). Here’s a video showing how it works:

As a video editor it is not the best we have tried, but it is free in all its functionalities, and it contains everything you need to cut and join videos and give them music effects and background sound, more than enough for the vast majority of users.

But one thing is to read the specifications, another thing is to do tests of all kinds, and that is what we will be doing on our Instagram account and on our YouTube channel.