Trigger, mobile news aggregator that adapts to our preferences flexibly

Every day new solutions appear that seek to help us with our daily reading of news by offering us a selection of them according to our preferences and interests, saving us the need to go and find the most outstanding news through multiple sources that we can trust.

Trigger is not an exception in this sense, although it intends to differentiate itself from other news aggregators with its algorithm of social drive, with which they intend to offer us news relations in a personalized way in advance so that we can find them shared by our contacts in social networks.

Available for Android and iOS through the respective mobile application markets, Trigger points out that it will obtain the outstanding news from the best sources of information, avoiding noise due to the large amount of content available on the Internet, organizing the news through different categories, in order to allow us to find the types of news we want to receive. It also joins the fact that its algorithm our personal reading profile as well as our own Twitter account to be able to personalize the relationship of outstanding news that we offer, with the intention that they are news that we have not read yet. Likewise, it has a function to access news that interests us but that for whatever reason we have overlooked.

Finally, it is striking that news personalization also takes into account our mood at each moment, as indicated in the application, so that we can find different news later in the day. This adds greater flexibility and takes distance from other solutions, as the application itself claims, and as it is felt in the high ratings that users give it.