Trunx, to save, manage and share photo and video files safely and privately

It is quite common to take photographs and videos through mobile devices, and it is also common for cases to appear in which users run out of storage capacity due to the peculiarities of their devices.

In this sense, there are different options on the Internet that allow them to host their photos and videos in the cloud, freeing their devices from taking up storage space. In this sense, Trunx is an interesting solution that has been on the market for some time and that allows everything from saving all the photographs taken from the application itself to the possibility of making private and secure backup copies of the photographs and videos that have on your mobile devices.

In addition, it goes further, since it has a desktop application for Windows and Mac, which allows users to make copies of those storage units that are connected, either internal or external disks, or even the storage cards of the own cameras. If this were not enough, the integration of Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram will also allow them to back up their images and videos that they have on these services.

Once all the photos and videos are safely stored in the Trunx cloud, users can manage, organize and even share them with those they want by using the SharePix function, with which they can create collaborative private albums.

Trunx claims to use dual encryption technology to keep the most personal memories secure. Initially, users will have free 15 GB of storage space, increasing 2 GB more for each person who invites to join the platform. In case you want unlimited space, you must pay $ 4.99 per month, whose account can be updated through the mobile application. At this point it should be noted that Trunx is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.