Tubus - to promote the use of city buses

Tubus – to promote the use of city buses

Miguel ngel Pedregosa is one of those responsible for this web application that aims to improve the use of urban buses in several Spanish cities: Granada, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčValencia, Malaga and Zaragoza for now.

From Tubus we continue working to include new cities and new services with the aim of helping people and promoting public transport, which is more ecological than private.

It is not a native application for mobile but if it is a web application very thought for mobile devices, especially Android and iPhone. It even has support for some touch gestures. The application can be used from tubus.es from any web browser, both desktop and mobile.

Among the characteristics of the application we can highlight:

– Possibility of know in real time how long the buses take to arrive at each stop, this information is refreshed automatically. We only need the stop number, which we can look up in the application itself or by looking at the bus stops.

Search for nearby stops to our position, through geolocation, the app can find the stops that are physically closest to our location using the html5 API.

Support for user accounts and Twitter, we can create an account in the application by means of a simple registration or use our Twitter account. As a registered user we can save stops as favorites or access the history of visited stops.

Quick access to stops via url. Once we have selected the city we want to use, we can access the stop by simply entering https://tubus.es/XXX/ where XXX is the code of the stop

– Full support for lines and stops, line finder and stop maps with Google Maps.