TuriTop, to create our own reservation system in the cloud

We are introduced to TuriTop, a project that was born in Tenerife to allow any person or company to have a reservation system in the cloud without having to invest too much or program one from scratch.

The application, maintained by three people, is the result of two years of work, and only now is it beginning to stand out in its category, with already one hundred clients distributed all over the world. They tell us that they use it from dinner reservation websites 50 meters high hanging from a crane in Mexico, as tour pages to visit neighborhoods in London or to do zip-line jumps in South Africa.

The system is easy to use, with a trial option that allows you to use it for free for 30 days. We just have to copy and paste the code on our website, being possible to use it also on Facebook.

It accepts several payment systems, including credit cards and paypal, so that users can make the reservation of the free schedule of our calendar and make the payment there, without having to complicate the logistics and preventing another person from booking and paying before that the first one concludes the process at the same moment.

On its website there are several examples of companies that are using it, as well as a demonstration and the price table showing the monthly payment of each of the plans.