tweejayTV, to create music lists on public channels using Twitter

A curious way of using Twitter, which is offered to us on

It is a project that monitors the mentions of the user @tweejayTV on Twitter and obtains two information from these tweets: the name of a channel and the video or audio file that the user specifies.

With that information tweejayTV creates a channel in the url, where to start playing the found content and show the waiting list of the music that other people want to include on the same channel.

It may seem like a game without much practicality, but let's look at the possibilities:

– At a party we inform people that the music to be heard will be that of the url The participants of said party will be able to write texts on Twitter like @tweejayTV #FiestaDeEjemplo url_msica_deseada, thus adding the song to the play row.

As a result it is similar to what we see in

As you can see in this screenshot, there is a section with the obtained Soundcloud video or music, another with the titles that are in the waiting line (tweets that have specified the same channel) and another with the titles that have been played previously.

A good idea to create music channels between several people just by using a tweet.