twimbow - A full color Twitter client

twimbow – A full color Twitter client

Luca Filigheddu presents us, a client for Twitter that use color as the protagonist, allowing to identify content and actors using this technique. Tweets, tags, keywords, specific users … everything can be configured to display in one color or another, making it much easier to monitor the content we need, drawing attention every time it appears on our timeline. The system is quite simple and intuitive, being 100% web and allowing to carry out the usual tasks in this type of programs, even offering the ability to add sounds and music in the texts sent or manage lists dragging and dropping members of them. It also includes a integrated news reader, which can be very useful to read the content recommended by other users without having to leave the platform. An excellent idea in a magnificent realization. If you want to try it, indicate your twitter login in the comments so that we can send the invitations (it is important to follow the @juandiegopolo account so that the DM reaches you, then you can stop following it if you wish).