Twitch improves individual chats and incorporates do not disturb mode

Twitch users will know that the company began offering the possibility of chatting privately with other users of the platform a few months ago (so far we can only use the chat of each broadcast to speak publicly with other viewers).

Until now, to make use of the new Whispers function (whispers) you only had to type / w and the name of the user you want to contact using the general chat. considering the feedback of the users the Twitch team has improved this function allowing individual conversations from a different window, so that messages addressed to a user in private are not mixed with the rest in global chat. In this way, to send a whisper from now on we will only have to click on the icon that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Then a window will appear with a list of users to whom we can send whispers, so we only have to click on the username to start a conversation.

In addition, the streaming has incorporated do not disturb mode or Do Not Disturb (DND), which we can activate from the configuration menu of individual messages. Thanks to this, we can prevent Twitch from notifying us of receiving new whispers at any time. Even so, we can consult these messages later. In addition, it is also possible to mark all messages as read with a single click.

Source: Twitch