Twitter already allows you to preview user profiles

Sometimes, changes that may be insignificant at the outset can be what appreciably improve our user experience. In this sense, from hours ago, on Twitter.com we can already obtain a preview of the profile of any user that we have seen in the chronological line, where we only have to place the cursor over the avatar or his username.

This possibility has reached the desktop web version, as Twitter has pointed out in a recent tweet, which allows us to see aspects such as the description or number of followers through a pop-up window of that user to whom we are interested in learning more. If this user convinces us with what he publishes or what he can offer us, we can also follow up from the same preview.

As we have already commented on more than one occasion, between Twitter and Facebook a series of characteristics are being copied, and the previews of user profiles have already been available on Facebook for a long time. To this we must add the recent removal of the background image that we Twitter users have, as well as other changes that the microblogging network itself has been making in recent times.

In any case, the preview of the profiles of the users that we find in the chronological line for whatever reason, will save us a click when it comes to getting to know you better and following up (or not) in your case.