Twitter announces the global launch of its universal application for Windows 10

Twitter wants to be present from the first hour with the first users who have adopted Windows 10 on their computers, both desktop and mobile devices. It is for this reason that it already has its own universal application for Windows 10, as we mentioned yesterday, which works both on desktops, desktops and laptops, as well as those mobile devices and tablets that already have Windows 10.

Through the announcement itself, Twitter points out that it will offer them a new experience optimized for Windows 10, from which they will have access to the main tweets, as well as photos and videos without having to log in.

Twitter will also be present through the lives tilesThis being one of the standout features along with the ability to upload up to four photos per tweet, support for animated GIFs and playback of Vine clips, as well as preview photos in tweets, Vine videos and other content in the own timeline.

The new Twitter application also offers the possibility of sharing photos privately through direct messages.

In this sense, Twitter warns Windows 10 users to indicate that their new application is already available globally, on which they will make continuous improvements in the coming days and months. It is clear that it is a clear invitation for Windows 10 users to join and start using the new Twitter application on their computers.