Imagen: 9to5Mac.

Twitter begins testing a new landscape mode on iPhone 6 Plus

Image: 9to5Mac.

It is likely that some of the Twitter users who have an iPhone 6 Plus have seen that it is possible to use the official Twitter app for iOS in landscape mode. As we have been able to read in 9to5Mac, it is a new function that Twitter would be testing on an indeterminate number of users.

With the new landscape mode, Twitter users for iOS will be able to check their timeline, reply to direct messages and tweet using their iPhone 6 Plus in a horizontal position. Thanks to this, it is possible to take further advantage of the 5.5-inch screen of the largest smartphone marketed by Apple to date. For example, when consulting direct messages we can reply to a message from the right side of the interface, while in the left column we have access to the other direct messages from other users. Even so, as you can see in the image, Timeline view in landscape mode doesn't take much advantage of iPhone screen size, showing a large amount of white space on both sides. Despite this, since Twitter is still testing landscape mode, it would not be surprising if they improved the feature before extending it to new users.

As we have already told you on more than one occasion, on Twitter they usually test the changes and improvements in small groups of users to check the reception of new functions. Therefore, it is likely to take some time to be available to all users.

Source and image: 9to5Mac.