Twitter (content), Facebook (business) and Google+ (people), the keys to the Cloud

Twitter (content), Facebook (business) and Google+ (people), the keys to the Cloud

Why closes Google + profiles … And who doesn’t make mistakes right? Read an interesting article about non-vacations for microentrepreneurs, about this permanent adrenaline rush, this constant existence of knowing, knowing, educating, training and yes, obviously being‚Ķ strenuous, not to make mistakes. Users were annoyed by the massive closure of accounts called companies and with pseudonyms, carried out by Google+ a few days ago. We reflect on this, on the always common errors in a process such as that to which we expose ourselves day after day, those of us who have adopted the Internet as a way of life. Google+ changes the paradigms associated with the social fabric, changes the classification and does so by imposing people on brands. Imposing the ability to create, innovate, generate opinion, establish links with emotions, energize with promotion and that long etc. of qualities that underlie the authors, in the content, in the quality of the circulating information, imposing on people, as we said, about brands and their resources. If we want a brand we must make ourselves known, if we want to be a reference we must have the relevance of the influence that, finally, translates into traffic, visits. The social networks They are high-efficiency platforms, as happens in almost all periods of innovation and revolution, the fact occurs before people are able to adapt. In this we are at the present time, a social cycle with a maturation period that barely exceeds 5 years and that with the arrival of Google+ places us before the next phase.

Phase 2, the cloud and ubiquity

And we must adapt, we must be able to build ourselves, all of us who generate likes, all of us who move tweets to all of us who build our Linkedin with our entrepreneurship, it is necessary to know that the new phase, the new cycle or the new Web, approaching it from the most emotional to the geeky perspective, requires our exposure. Google + massively closes the accounts that had not followed the rules of the game there are always defenders and detractors, although analyzed from a social point of view;What but compliance with standards horizontally – ensures increasing quality and constant opportunity?We still have in our recent history what happens before the staging of the Google algorithm, the lack of opportunities caused by the practices carried out outside the rules. Google + seeks to be the gateway to the new network, a network in the cloud and hyper connected, a mobile network, a network in which technology is a way of life, I am not much given to exaggeration but, really the bet of Google + is the future, ubiquitous societies, ubiquitous citizens, ubiquitous devices and in the cloud. It is for this reason that ensuring that quality, commitment and efficiency standards are met, as well as preventing the loss of efficiency that underlies the lack of matching elements in the equipment, are the main objectives that Google+ has set itself to meet with the massive shutdown of company accounts.

Finally, and waiting to take another step in technological innovation, Google+ has Facebook, which is the professional showcase for brands and businesses, and Twitter, where the content that generates opinion happens at such a speed that it covers all margins. Time to focus on who we are, what we do, what we are looking for, we have to get to know each other Google + searches for people and that is why company accounts are closed.

Among the main errors of social networks and, Google+ is essentially a social platform, not listening to the opinions of users, the absence of control over what is published, the inability to meet and interact with the competition and The progressive loss of adaptability, are the most notable. There lies one of the great successes of Google+ that allows people to determine with whom they share information without worrying about complex privacy settings and obviously, in the staging of a complete freelance work center, a platform that gives access to everything you need to interact on the network, a platform that generates the need for new professionals where the trends of Community Managers and their splendor seem to change, to the timid but efficient (and constant ) rise of virtual assistance.Google + looks for people and those who do not acquire relevance from who I am? be a reference in the new cycle.