Twitter expands its transparency reports

Since 2012, they have published a transparency report on Twitter where they can verify data related to requests received from companies and governments to eliminate or analyze data, reports available at

They now report that they have added two new categories, one of them related to reports of trademark violations, received both by fax and web form. In that report we can see the number of requests received and the accounts affected, as well as the percentage of cases in which the complaint has ended with the removal of the content.

They also include a report indicating whether the communication via email coming from Twitter is encrypted, something that often depends on the email system of each client. In the document we see various email platforms and their characteristics in terms of privacy and security, with details that can be expanded by clicking on each record.

At the same time, the transparency reporting website has undergone a complete redesign, and is now compatible with mobile devices (yes, it wasn't before).

2016 will be a key year for Twitter, a company that will have to define itself better to know exactly the role it performs on the social web. Undoubtedly, the improvement of the transparency report is important, although we hope that other movements are being carried out in order to become a better collaborative journalism tool, more orderly, more intuitive.