Twitter launches Brand Hub, a new analytics tool for brands

Twitter has just launched out of beta a new analytics tool with which it intends for brands to know more deeply about the conversations that are happening on Twitter about them in order that they can have enough data and detailed to make better decisions and get better results in your campaigns.

To do this, Brand Hub, which is what the new tool is called, offers a series of metrics that will help brands with the aforementioned objective, providing them with a broader vision to better understand what their current customers and clients say, think and feel. potential customers as well as influential users.

Among the metrics is TrueVoice, which has its own algorithm to count tweets in real time and show the impressions made by both the brands themselves and their competitors, as well as the audience visualization, which offers detailed information on people who are participating in the conversation, being able to know the genre of the same, locations they belong to, income levels, as well as other demographic data, highlighting those people who are the best influencers to be able to further engage them with the brands themselves.

The new tool also provides details of conversations such as brand impressions, mentions received, and the context in which they were received.

Brand Hub is available for selected large and mid-size brands and businesses available in English-speaking countries. Those interested will have more information in the Twitter help section for Brand Hub.