Twitter launches two new modalities to promote campaigns for mobile applications

In order to enable advertisers to have better control over the cost of installing their mobile applications within the campaigns they carry out through Twitter, the microblogging platform itself has just made available two new modalities for This, allowing them to obtain a higher yield based on the budget planned for their campaigns. In this sense, it has just launched two types of auctions: the action-optimized auction and the cost of installation auction, which join the existing path based on the cost-per-click model in the application.

Optimized action auction: this one, according to Twitter, allows bidding for the installation instead of clicking on the application, leading to greater efficiency in campaigns. He adds that this one, during its beta stage, has allowed two-digit percentage reductions compared to purchasing in the cost per click of the application, at the same level of spending.

Installation cost auction: this will allow you to bid and pay only for each installation of the application, giving guarantees that it will be paid only when an installation is carried out. During beta testing, Twitter notes that participating partners have seen costs drop from 20% to 30%.

These two new modalities are already available globally, which can be used by any advertiser who wants to run promotional campaigns for their mobile applications through Twitter.