Twitter tests a new style for conversations

Twitter now allows two-factor authentication to be enabled without linking a phone number

Twitter has already implemented the ability to enable two-factor authentication without using a phone number.

As announced today, users can count on the added security that two-step authentication provides using alternative methods to SMS.

It has already been proven that SMS has become a door that hackers can easily use to take control of an account. So enabling SMS-based 2FA long ago was no longer a safe method.

While Twitter allows other systems to be used, there was no escaping the step of adding the phone number for further verification and then passing the chosen method. A process that discourages many users from opting for two-step authentication.

Although it has been delayed, Twitter updates this dynamic by allowing users to enable 2FA with more secure methods such as an authentication app or a security key. Both options work individually, without ever depending on our phone number.

So users can now remove the phone number associated with their Twitter account and use one of these separate options. A dynamic that takes time in testing and is now available to all users starting today.