Twitter removes funds from profiles, and a developer has already found how to put them back

Dick Costolo resigned as CEO, but that has not been the last radical change from Twitter in recent weeks, remember that they removed the 140 character limit on DMs.

Now comes another novelty: they are removing the wallpaper from the user profiles, something that affects those who customized the background to create a unique visual entity, although most never see them, since the traditional reading of Tweets does not include visiting the profile on the big screen.

The wallpaper will not be visible in our profile or on the home page, only in the details of the individual tweets, which can thus increase the visibility of the ads that are mixed with the traditional tweets (a possible reason to take this decision).

The fact is that not even 24 hours have passed since the change, and they are already working on solutions. A German programmer has published a solution in github as a plugin so that all users of this chrome extension can see the background they want.

It is not a good alternative, as it requires everyone to use the plugin in question, but it does show that many people have not been comfortable with this way of capturing the customization options.