Twitter tests new modes for displaying images on mobiles

Looking back, the beginning of Twitter was marked by the absence of support for the media (images, videos, etc.), although the demand of users has meant that, over time, native support for them, even avoiding dependence on third-party tools, among other additions.

As we know, Twitter is in a process of transformation, but there is always room for improvements in some of its current features. In this sense, the platform has just announced that it has begun to test a new way of displaying images on the timeline, being carried out in its application for Android and iOS.

Cropping will only be applied to super wide or super tall images

After past problems with image cropping, including allegations of bias in its algorithms, the company is experimenting with offering a full preview of images, avoiding cropping.

As indicated in the support profile tweet:

Now testing on Android and iOS: When you tweet a single image, how the image appears in the Tweet composer is what it will look like on the timeline: bigger and better.

Of course, it will be applicable to all those images that offer a normal aspect ratio, although as Dantley Davis, Twitter’s design director points out, those images that are super wide or super tall will have a crop, but yes, this crop will be weighted around the center.

Additionally, it is also testing the loading of images at higher resolution, also on Android and iOS, for which they indicate that:

Have a collection of higher resolution photos waiting to be shared? We are testing ways for you to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS. If you’re in the test, update your high-quality image preferences in the Data Usage settings to get started.

These two tests seek to improve the capabilities to share and view the media on Twitter, although at the moment there are no signs that they will also reach the web, focusing for the moment on mobile phones.

In any case, it is excellent news for all those graphic creatives who want to share their own works with the world, although in general terms, suspicions about the algorithms and their way of working will also be eliminated.

It is already a question that these tests go on to graduate to be available to all users, as would be clearly desirable.

Image Credit: Twitter