Twitter will encourage you to read an article before retweeting it

The Twitter team is testing a new option that aims to make users aware of the information they share on the platform.

If you are one of those who retweets an article that is shared on Twitter almost without thinking, it is possible that you will come across this new dynamic in the near future.

Twitter has been making changes to the platform for some time in order to promote interaction between users, encourage healthy conversation and keep fake news out. Following this dynamic, this time they have focused on an option that reminds users why they share content on Twitter.

As mentioned in a tweet, this new option will be activated when it detects that a user is about to retweet an article that has not been opened from Twitter. A message asks if you want to read the article before sharing it, a subtle way to give the user a slap on the wrist for sharing information that they have not previously checked.

One detail to keep in mind is that this option does not prevent the user from retweeting the information, it simply serves as a reminder. Twitter knows that most retweet information from a headline that caught their attention, without checking to see if the information is really worth it or mentioning any point of interest that might spark a conversation.

So with this simple dynamic you want to remind them that sharing information on the platform is about more than turning Twitter into a news feed, and that they are responsible for the content they suggest to their followers.

Instead of automatically retweeting every article that sounds interesting, Twitter encourages taking a break. This option is being tested with a small group of users in the United States who use the Twitter app on Android.