Two apps to turn your old smartphone into a surveillance camera

Today we can connect to our devices from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, many of us have some smartphone or tablet that we no longer use as we have replaced it with a superior model. Luckily there are applications with which we can turn our old devices into surveillance cameras that work over the Internet. Below we recommend two of the most interesting applications.

Snoop is a new application for iOS and Android with which we can convert our old smartphone or tablet in a security camera in a matter of seconds. The operation of Snoop is extremely simple, since we just have to pair both devices using a PIN and we can connect from anywhere. In fact, it is not necessary that we are on the same WiFi network. Also, is available completely free of charge.

Another of the most popular alternatives is Manything, available as an application for iOS and Android devices. Although it has several payment plans, the free model allows us to connect from anywhere and see what's going on in our house. In turn, the award plans allow you to record the video in the cloud. Without a doubt, it is a fully recommended option.