Two new free courses on Flipped Classroom and Programming for educators

Have you seen our list of free online courses that start in August? There is an interesting selection of proposals, to which we add two new options of the Scolartic platform.

Two proposals for educators to enhance their teaching skills in different settings:

Programming I. Introduction to the use of new technologies in the classroom A 6-week course that will introduce us to visual programming tools, for their application in the classroom. There will be block programming practices using Scratch, and AppInventor for programming apps on Android .

Flipped Classroom In 6 weeks, different aspects of the Flipped Classroom model will be analyzed. For example, we will see the role of the teacher and the students, as well as the pros and cons of implementing it in the classroom.

Teachers will also be able to know more than 100 resources that they can take into account to integrate them into their classes and enhance the dynamics of their teaching.

Both courses start on August 1 and to participate, we just have to create an account on the Scolartic platform. By following the link that we share, we can enroll in the course of our interest and follow the instructions that we will receive in our email.

And for those who want to know more proposals in online courses for educators, you can take a look at the options that we share on our page Free courses in Spanish.