Two online tools to compress and optimize images in a few seconds

Often we need to reduce the weight of a certain image, especially if we intend to upload it to our own server or share it through email. Nonetheless, Sometimes it can be difficult to find suitable tools for this. Below we recommend two alternatives to compress and optimize images for free and without installing anything.

We have already spoken to you before about this tool, which has a very interesting web version. Specifically, allows us to select three different compression modes: lossy, lossless and expert, depending on the loss of quality that we are willing to accept. As soon as we have decided which option to use, we will only have to drag the images that we want to compress and wait for the result to be available. An interesting feature is the possibility of attaching images from platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


This tool is focused on the compression of .png and .jpg files, so it is an interesting alternative if you only need to work with this type of files. The operation of TinyPNG is quite intuitive: We can compress images by dragging up to twenty files to the web. Without a doubt, one of the advantages of the tool is the result that it allows us to achieve, since there is hardly any difference between the original and the final file. Fully recommended.