Universale, the future of the Contacts Agenda

Universale is born as a public and private agenda that can revolutionize the way we come into contact with other people.

In a world in which there are thousands of communication channels, personal, social, sentimental and professional profiles, it is necessary to have one that manages to obtain the contact information of a person based on the degree of trust, and this is how Diego Figueroa created what can be seen as the evolution of the agenda to a self-updating, scalable agenda and always available in the application, regardless of the device on which it is installed.

At Universale we decide what data do we share and with whom, maintaining our privacy at all times. We can have it in both iOS and Android, and it can be used in both professional and personal settings.

Universale is in charge of always keeping contacts updated, since the information is in the cloud, and you can check the latest records made by each person, as long as said person has released access to our profile.

We can thus have absolute control of who sees our data, being possible to leave the email visible for some, the phone for others everything organized so as not to depend on social networks, messenger programs or local data on a phone that can be lost at any time.

Privacy is increasingly on everyone's lips, and at Universale they want to take this concept to the most critical area of ​​all: the contact book, always worrying about the type of information that is available in the different social groups of each user.

The application is free, and is already available on Google Play (link) and iTunes (link)