Uploadingit - Virtual hard disk with 20 GB of space

Uploadingit – Virtual hard disk with 20 GB of space

It never hurts to have our documents through the web as a backup of those we have in our desktop system, allowing us to have access to them if our local storage units suffer problems or if we are in another location with Internet access, in addition of the possibility that we have to be able to share them with colleagues and friends through the corresponding links. Well, these features are possible thanks to services like the one we have now, Uploadingit. More than simple file hosting, it is a virtual hard disk online where we have 20 GB of storage, in which we can create directories with the possibility of password protection, Y upload files of all kinds up to 200MB per file, being able to upload several files simultaneously. But it also includes interesting features such as the ability to create compressed files based on selected files, listen to audio files, or view slide shows of image files. Each file can be moved by dragging it to its new directory, although we can also download it or obtain its link to share with others we know through whatever means we deem appropriate. If we don’t want to have one or more specific files, we can mark them to delete them. At the moment they only have their free version, financed with advertising, although it is seen that they intend to offer premium features for later.