Urban Forest map - Collaborative map with city trees

Urban Forest map – Collaborative map with city trees

Urban forest map It is a project that despite only working in the city of San Francisco, USA, I found it interesting enough to tell you about it, since I think it would be very interesting if it were used in other parts of the world.

The objective of this initiative is to use the technology provided by the internet to create a collaborative space in which monitor the status of green areas of the city and see its growth and environmental impact.

In this way, any registered user can add to this layer of Google maps the trees in your neighborhood or near your work, attaching, if you wish, photographs or information about their: species, height, thickness or other related data.

As the user community participates, we can see how the statistics on the economic and energy savings resulting from these green areas vary, as well as the improvement in air quality and CO2 reduction.

In addition, its search engine also offers us the possibility of filtering these trees according to their species, if they bear fruit and things like that, so it is completely useful to study the vegetation of an area, as well as to make people aware of the need to have wooded areas in the city.

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