Useful Extensions in Google Chrome for Gmail users

Useful Extensions in Google Chrome for Gmail users

Some companies offer us very useful extensions in the Chrome browser. For those of us who use google products such as Gmail, here is a list of high-value extensions.

Google Mail Checker

Indicate the number of unread messages in your GMail inbox, being possible to click on the button created to open the email box.

Send from Gmail

To set Gmail as the default mail client, opening a new message each time we click on an email address on the web.


Allows the display of the Google or Gravatar profile picture next to the name of your sender list. You instantly recognize who is sending you a message.

Minimalist for Gmail

It is an extension that allows us to change the Gmail interface and tune it to our liking. You can customize the colors, borders, remove and put elements, see notifications of new emails, modify the appearance of the google bar, customize your own gmail logo and many other elements of your web client environment.


Emails are often more than just messages. They usually contain information that we need to keep track of, reminders of tasks that we need to carry out, or files that are important for certain projects. ActiveInbox offers us a new sidebar that allows us to view emails based on their status, as well as other functions that transform our email into a task management system.