Various plugins to improve Google+

Various plugins to improve Google+

While Google is improving day by day the capabilities of using Google +, we are going to highlight some add-ons that will make us enjoy this new social network, we can improve points such as accessibility to components that have not yet been added by Google as it can It will be an integrated chat for gTalk, among other extra features. We have already commented on several in the Google Plus category, but it is always good to have the main ones present in the same text. Before starting this small compilation, it should be noted that the extensions described below The following are dedicated to Google Chrome, however we will occasionally mention the same add-on for another browser.


We started the compilation with Gtools +, a simple extension that will allow us to add Google chat, modify the colors of the notifications that are presented to us, as well as some less relevant characteristics. It is a complement that I personally like since it incorporates the chat that is very important for those of us who work in the Internet sector.

Color Plus

In a second place, we find Color Plus, a complement for those of us who like the black color of the upper bar, after its installation, we can see the color change of the upper bar to a pistachio green.

+ PhotoZoom

One of the problems that we may detect when using Google + is that the images are shown too small, this is where + PhotoZoom comes in, a complement that helps us to visualize the images, since it allows us to press the image and show it much larger, similar to the system that Facebook currently has.

Replies and more for Google+

Another extension that we highlight in this article is Replies and more for Google+ , a curious complement that allows us to insert a button to be able to respond to the author of the entry, in this way the comments will be understood much better. In addition to this main function, we will find some extras, not very relevant.

Extended Share for Google Plus

Another interesting extension that we are presented with is Extended Share for Google Plus, a complement that allows us to add a button with which we can share the status through our different social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin …).

Google + Facebook

Google + Facebook, as we have already mentioned before, is a curious extension that unifies the steam from Facebook to Google+ in this way we can browse the two social networks without changing the tab. This plugin is currently supported on both Google Chrome and Mozilla or Internet Explorer, as is Google + Twitter.


Now we find Surplus, an excellent complement to reply to or write messages from our account from a popup in our browser, desktop notifications with sound and the possibility of using multi-accounts.

Helper for Google+

In the last position we present Helper for Google+, an extension that will allow us to share in a really comfortable way the posts to our Twitter account, on the other hand, it will also allow us to translate all the posts with a simple click of the mouse.


And to finish this article, if you know any extension related to the new Google social network, we would like you to comment on it in this way, you will help hundreds of users to improve the navigation and accessibility of Google plus.