Vervid, iOS app with which to record, share and discover videos vertically

Lately we have experienced an increase in a specific trend: the recording of videos in vertical position. The problem with this type of video is the finishing of the same once uploaded to platforms like YouTube. Thus, Today we are talking about Vervid, the first platform for videos recorded in vertical position.

Those responsible for the iOS application we are talking about realized this trend and decided that instead of trying to correct it, the best thing was to create a platform aimed at this type of user. In this way, thanks to Vervid for iOS you will not have to put your smartphone in vertical position every time you record a video: the platform developers have created an application with which to record, share and discover new videos in vertical position, taking full advantage of the size of the screen. In general, the operation of the iOS app is quite intuitive. Like YouTube, Vervid allows users to create their own channels and view the videos of other users. One of the main features that most attract attention as soon as you start using the app is its interface, specifically designed to scroll through the content from left to right, rather than from top to bottom. In addition, Vervid also has complete editing tools that you can use with one hand thanks to the vertical interface that we are talking about. For example, multiple recorded clips can be joined at different times of the day in one video, multiple clips can be divided into clips, or the video speed can be adjusted. In addition, at all times we can import the content of our reel, so it is not necessary to create the videos with the app.

Without a doubt, we are facing an application that could be really interesting for many users. You can download Vervid completely free of charge through the App Store.