Vessel, the video subscription service, begins to open its doors

In the middle of last December, we told you about the new project that Jason Kilar, former CEO of HULU, has embarked on, which consists of a new service of access by subscription to video that allows users early access to new Videos created by their favorite online artists, having up to 72 hours of exclusivity before these artists make these videos available on other platforms available to the rest of the public. In other words, Vessel, which is what this video subscription access service is called, allows users to be the first to access the videos that online artists initially make available on this platform before these videos are posted. on other platforms like YouTube.

Vessel now allows any interested party, upon invitation, free access to its service for a period of thirty days as a trial, and once the 30 days have elapsed, the interested party may choose to stay if they wish, having to pay as little as $ 2.99 a month, allowing you to have early access to new videos belonging to noted online artists. Remember that among the online artists you will find stars from YouTube and other platforms.

Also indicate that Vessel is currently available both through its website and through its mobile application for the iOS platform, although the mobile application for Android is on the way.

Without a doubt, it is a risky bet, giving online artists more income than they obtain on other platforms, and on the part of users, it gives them the option of being the first to enjoy the new content that these artists generate before take them publicly to other users.