Vibefeelr!  share your moods with your friends

Vibefeelr! share your moods with your friends

With the rise of social networks, especially in those where we can publish our statuses, we disseminate personal information that may be of interest to our social circles. Part of our states refer to our moods, and for that it already exists Vibefeelr! Its operation is very simple, we have a series of categories that go from the most positive states of mind to the most negative states of mind, and behind them are a series of sub-categories, where we will choose one of them, being able or not to attach notes up to 421 characters. About each of our moods, contacts can send us their positive moods, likewise, with the option of attaching a note. The interesting thing is that Vibefeelr allows you to manage contacts in different social groups, from friends to others, through work colleagues and family, being able to add other new circles in a personalized way, allowing us to configure our privacy for each social group independently. In addition, we can share our statuses on Twitter and Facebook simply by establishing the corresponding connections. Although the idea might seem original, Emotionr came into existence in its day, which was basically based on the same concept.