videobb - A new megavideo in the shadow of Megamovie

videobb – A new megavideo in the shadow of Megamovie is a video hosting service that is gaining popularity in recent weeks.

As we can see in the graph of alexa, it seems that after the article in MegaVideo does ‘cleaning’ files for ‘streaming’, many users have started to use it as an alternative, growing a lot in a few weeks.

According to the ElPais article, the reason for the cleaning Megavideo may be good news for this market, as it announces a project for 2011 called Megamovie:

[…] available to all creators, from Hollywood studios to independent and television production companies. For a tiny fee, much less with iTunes and Netflix, they can upload content and sell it to a mass audience.

They comment that Megamovie will be an independent content market so that users can enjoy the best content at the highest quality at the lowest price, internationally. In other words, the micropayments business model to be able to enjoy high-quality content on the web can be more than a myth in our country.

Let’s hope that history continues to evolve and we can ever modernize a business model that refuses to do so.