Vidpal, to know in real time the places of interest to visit through videos

It is clear that the Internet has changed our customs in a number of aspects, where as consumers, we can now count on the first-hand information of other users, who will tell us about their experiences and impressions, which may differ from that offered by their own establishments and premises.

In this sense, if we are planning our next vacation and we want to know more closely some aspects of the possible destinations that we plan to visit, we can use Vidpal, an interesting video platform that will allow us to learn more about these destinations, having in our The possibility of requesting that videos be carried out of specific places and areas at the same time, which may be carried out by those tourists who are already there or by the people of the area themselves.

In this way, we are facing a new place discovery platform that allows us to request that videos be carried out in real time on those places in which we are interested, although we can also go to videos that are already published on the platform contributed by other users.

Vidpal serve in any case as an interesting complement to the travel guides and other information that we can find on the Internet, which allows us to know what we can find without taking surprises at the moment we go directly to the destinations.

Vidpal has both a web application and a mobile application, available for the iPhone platform, with which the videos in real time that have been requested will be carried out.