Viki is redesigned and offers a new system for subtitling multimedia content

The last time we told you about Viki, we presented its agreement with Warner Music, its content expansion and we highlighted its system so that any user could subtitle the content, finding Viki songs subtitled in more than nine languages.

Now Viki continues to advance and improve its service, introducing us to a new website with an improved subtitle insertion system and technology and a new video player. The new design may remind us a bit of YouTube in the sense of how we navigate between video and video, and how we can see the related videos listed in a right frame, all depending on what we are seeing at the time.

As we discussed a few months ago, what really stands out about Viki is its collaborative subtitling system thanks to which we can find, today, with millions of subtitled pieces of content so that verbal content really reaches everyone. From now on and thanks to the updating of the website, the speed and quality of translations will be higher. At the same time, the same Viki team has confirmed that they are exploring using Google Translate to create immediate translations that can then be improved by the community.