Vine, the video integrated into Twitter

In October we told you about Vine, a solution that, without having been launched yet, was purchased by Twitter, a tool that promises to record and share videos from your mobile.

Now the Twitter CEO shares a text with an integrated video, the result of the purchase of said technology:

As you can see, it is a very short video, integrated into the Twitter timeline, with the Vine url present (you can see it here on By clicking on the published link we will go to a page within with the video and a link to a Read more that does not lead to another page but to a Coming soon, although it seems clear that the solution will be available soon for everyone.

Although I do not like to make forecasts, I take the risk: will present itself as an ideal tool for information professionals who want to transmit what they are seeing quickly, directly integrated into Twitter, without depending on solutions such as YouTube, which may take more to make the video available. If we record and, when finished, it is published directly on Twitter, we will save precious time that other solutions do not offer, something that the world of journalism on Twitter has long requested.

Sometimes a video of a few seconds says much more than an image captured in a hurry. Six seconds is enough to show the world to someone bungee jumping, for example, experience that a photo is unable to fully represent.

Attentive, because may give Twitter a new color in the coming weeks.

Update: They have already launched it