Vine would be working on a function to include a music layer in the videos from the app

Although it is a highly demanded feature by users, Vine has never offered the ability to include songs in its popular six-second videos. At least, that's how it has been so far, since everything seems to indicate that the company is working to allow users to include a layer of music on their videos.

So far, each of the takes that clips that make up each video have their independent audio, since it is not possible to add an audio layer that sounds over each of the clips that make up the final video. Despite this, in the video recently shared by Bruce Daisley (director of Twitter in the United Kingdom) we can see that Although we clearly distinguish between the different clips that make up the video, the audio remains totally regular on each of the takes. Since it does not vary in intensity and does not seem to undergo any type of modification, everything seems to indicate that it is an additional layer of music placed on the video. It is important to note that still we have no confirmation from Vine about the veracity of this possible new feature. Even so, there is no doubt that we are facing a feature of great interest to users, who until now have to use third-party apps to add music to their videos.

Next, we leave you with the video we are talking about:

Source: TNW