Viral Marketing - 5 steps, 5 tips and 5 benefits

Viral Marketing – 5 steps, 5 tips and 5 benefits

Yes, we know that marketing has evolved a lot and very fast – since we place, price, promotion and product, acted as the central axis of the brand’s messages. Social networks represented a paradigm shift that, although it has focused on new advertising and the penetration of brands in the social fabric, it goes much further by introducing dynamism and permanent change as a way of life. The network is dynamic, viral, the concept of real time establishes the way in which we communicate, the presence of society in decision-making and the staging of a horizontally structured collective – which is committed to quality and efficiency . This motive, which goes beyond concepts intrinsically related to marketing, is what sustains the set of existing techniques on the Internet through which brand messages (as entities in charge of satisfying needs) and messages of consumers (as indisputable producers of unlimited information) that viral marketing acquires specific weight. Brand exposure through the interrupted transmission of the message, this could be a definition of viral marketing.

What are the 5 steps to get started in viral marketing?

one.- E-book, great alliesUndoubtedly, what has been structurally modified with the emergence of social networks as an innovative step within Web 2.0, which began with the arrival of blogs and the opening of bidirectional channels of communication, has been exactly that; the way in which we communicate, inform, feed, specialize. E-books are a wonderful gift for our visitors. Always betting on quality, the free e-book delivery is in itself a high level viral message. Forums, always present There is no doubt that the staging of new functionality tending to include the most inherent aspect of social interaction, in the positioning criteria by which Google is governed (as the search engine par excellence that encompasses the rest) consolidates the already well-known paradigm of the power of interaction on the network.The best way to make our brand’s content spread throughout the network is by enabling an area, a forum, so that users can exchange their opinions, build new communities, in short, interact with the brand in the process of building it and as an unequivocal link to the satisfaction of needs. 3.- All dynamism If you cannot create them, use the ones that the network makes available to you, we must not forget to include a link to the site to which it corresponds as well as to keep the copyright intact. Video and contentOf impact, with direct message, the dynamism of the images, the power of audio, the simplification of penetration are some of the advantages that, together with its adaptability to the mobile Web, make video the new indispensable element within linked content. to brands.Quality articles that include videos and that can be promoted through likes or Tweet are essential to increase the virality of the brand and with it; its reputation and penetration. 5.- Free distribution and qualityAny product that the free distribution network offers us and that involves an increase in information, a commitment to quality and a connection due to the interest they arouse, must be included in the brand’s portal. Take care at this point, applying the common sense and always maintaining the precepts of simple, functional, fast and clean navigation that makes it easier for the reader to identify the answers they are looking for.Now so far the actions to increase the virality of our content.

But how do you create a viral marketing campaign in 5 steps?

one.- Determine the type of product you want to promote. Let’s not forget the specific weight of email as a marketing optimization tool 2.- Promote your own content in article directory.3.- Always under the precepts of commitment to the network and quality transmission, participate in forums, answers questions for which our brand has answers and includes a link to content that complements your answer. Be very cautious with spamIt is not about putting links in the forums at the end of the day, only through a real and committed interaction will the reputation of the brand be consolidated and more users will spread it among their networks. Take advantage of social networks, Facebook and Twitter, specifically the latter, have an eminently viral nature, effectively using the functionalities designed to make marketing actions more efficient, a balance can be achieved between Web Positioning – content virality – efficient viral marketing

And finally … 5 benefits of viral marketing

As we have seen, actions to take full advantage of the advantages that underlie the viral nature of social media and that have spread to all habits and customs, require a high dose of patience, perseverance and hard work focused on commitment to the quality. It is for this reason that the time horizon foreseen in our business plan to start seeing results should not be less than the medium term, however, the benefits are unambiguous. Financial cost reductionLess costs, in strictly economic terms, a viral marketing campaign costs nothing, it is through the effort and time dedicated to balancing the actions to be carried out, that results begin to be seen and, achieving partial sub-objectives of our plan of company, non-financial resources, are amply compensated. 2.- Exposure on the rise and discontinuedWithin the magic of the network, it is convenient to highlight its unlimited activity, while everyone sleeps, the network continues to grow, a global ecosystem without borders or limitations for which the transmission of information is built at the click of a button. Viral and efficient, the brand and its reputationA well-carried out viral marketing campaign will attract more and more traffic to our brand and, although it may be obvious, the reputation associated with it and the underlying branding in each of our actions, will gradually consolidate upwards in a direction proportional to the propagation of the brand in the network. 4.- Traffic and more trafficThe access of more users to the brand is one of the first results observed in an efficient viral marketing campaign. However, it is important not to forget that traffic reaches the brand the way in which the corporate portal responds to the interests of This traffic will be decisive in the conversion, viral marketing is highly efficient to achieve that the transmission of messages covers the double objective of reaching more potential customers, achieving their loyalty through the promotion of the message among their contact networks and as, unlimited.5.- Easy and simpleAnd finally, simple and easy to implement, for those who are willing to start in the crusade of trust generation. Finally, it is essential not to forget that once started, viral marketing campaigns must remain valid over time, although it is true that the virulence of the actions will decrease, the sending of messages, the participation in thematic forums, the commitment to quality and the constant interaction with our network, is essential to maintain the loyalty on which the success of the applied viral concept depends to marketing.