Visa Europe launches V.me, its online payment service that will compete with Paypal

V.me is the new Internet payment service that VISA Europe has just launched in a number of European countries, these being Spain, France, Poland and the United Kingdom. It is a direct competitor to Paypal that offers a virtual wallet that allows consumers to make payments in a simple and secure way through the Internet, avoiding them having to provide their card numbers, expiration dates and other personal information on every purchase they make. They carry out through the Internet, that in many cases these processes caused consumers themselves to abandon the purchases they were making without finalizing them.

And how could it be otherwise, consumers will be able to make use of V.me through their desktops and laptops as well as through their mobile devices, such as their tablets or smart mobile phones.

The service is offered through Visa Europe issuing entities, but in its press release it does not indicate which issuing entities for Spain will collaborate with V.me. In any case, the launch of V. will give consumers more confidence when making their purchases online, since there are still many of them reluctant to give their bank details over the Internet in fear that they may steal said data and fraudulent use, encouraged by the traditional media by putting the spotlight on negative news as it relates to new technologies.

So there are fewer and fewer excuses when shopping online, although V.me now has a long way to make itself known and try to equalize in popularity to Paypal, which does not rest on its laurels precisely, but rather the opposite.