google glass

Visiting museums with Google Glass

We read on a new way to use the famous Google glasses, augmented reality to recognize works of art and display information about what we are seeing inside a museum.

Similar to what it does with Goggles, Google Glass is able to recognize what we see and get data about it, displaying information right in front of us. In the video that you can see here it is possible to verify how it can be used in this case, integrating the device with future Glassware, from

Guidigo is a mobile application that offers tourist guides created by experts in various cities on the planet. It is famous for the quality of travel guides, allowing you to have them on both Android and iOS. The video that you can see is from their channel, where they announce that their Glassware will be available soon in the United States.

Watching the video I remember the article on Augmented Reality in museums that we presented to you several years ago, where we saw some examples of what this technology can offer us in the educational environment.

It is still too early to consider Google Glass as a protagonist who changes the rules of the game, but the path seems to be clear: information in the right place and at the right time.