Voat, the new social platform where ex-redditors are migrating

We already mentioned days ago the commotion that has mounted on Reddit due to a series of circumstances, being the sudden dismissal of Victoria Taylor, coordinator of the popular section AMA (Ask Me Anything), the lace that has motivated the rebellion of most of the moderators communities, where many of them have chosen to turn the communities they manage into private communities.

Attempts by Ellen Pao, Reddit CEO, to try to appease the spirits, are unsuccessful. In fact, both those users and moderators who are still on Reddit have in view the Voat social platform, with similar characteristics as Reddit, to which they plan to migrate if the situation on Reddit does not improve, and where they also have other colleagues. present, as those users belonging to the five subreddits that closed months ago for not complying with their content policies, as Reddit argued at the time.

According to TNW, the wave of desertion that Reddit has been experiencing in recent days has caused Voat to have been overwhelmed to the point that yesterday, July 8, it spent about 10 hours with the fallen website. One of the two founders of the platform, Atif Colo, recently pointed out that given the volume of new users that his platform is receiving, motivated by the aforementioned desertion of Reddit users, it could motivate the temporary paralysis of new user registrations. And it is that the numbers speak for themselves, in which the Voat Twitter account indicates that in the last 30 days it has seen over 700,000 unique visitors according to Google Analytics.

Alexa has also seen Voat traffic increase in recent times, including Reddit itself, being up to 20%. With all this, many former reeditors are seeing in Voat their new social house where they can participate in the different communities with more freedom than they currently have on Reddit, where freedom of expression and privacy are some of their qualities, pointing out their section about his philosophy: No legal issue in this universe should be off limits. Our goal is to build a site that serves the needs and wants of our users; one that strives for quality over quantity, and does not please the lowest common denominator in exchange for traffic, whose difference from other platforms is in a nutshell, we are user and privacy focused and go to great lengths to ensure transparency around these types of decisions.