voez guitar hero japones

VOEZ, an addictive musical game, a «Chinese Guitar Hero»

Directly from Taipei, from the Rayark brand famous for titles like Cytus and Deemo, an interesting new musical game has arrived, a kind of Chinese Guitar Hero that combines good sounds of electronic music with an extraordinary interface of colors.

Her name is VOEZ and revolves around the story of a couple of young girls who form a band and go out to play to grow their fame, so they must overcome different musical challenges including practicing continuously to get past previous scores and even unlock new characters.

Again, it is similar to Guitar Hero -even at different levels of difficulty-, except that it is played as if it were a keyboard, the columns in which the notes fall change places to the rhythm of the music and you can perform glides like complement to the basic touches. This is how it looks on an iPad although it looks good on both tablets and mobile phones:

The game is free but includes a collection of content that can be unlocked by paying, for example, icons and new songs. It is available for iOS and Android and weighs around 150 Mb. A previous calibration is suggested from the app menu to optimize its operation from the start.

Link: VOEZ for iOS | VOEZ for Android